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Colorful and Groovy (20oz Skinny)

Vinyl Wrap is approx 9.3x8.2" straight cut

Colorful and Groovy (20oz Skinny)

  • Adult, Childrens, skinny tumbler, Family, Gift, Grandma, Kids, Love, Toddler, Women, Women's, Youth, vinyl, wrap, smileys, retro, mushrooms, peace, floral

  • Application:

    Apply the supplied Transfer Tape on to the top of cup wrap decal, rub the top of the tape with a ruler like object to get a good transfer. Peel the backing paper of the decal slowly, making sure the image is attaching to the transfer tape. Lay the tape onto the cup, rub and slowly remove the tape while the wrap adheres to the cup.


    Important Info:

    Always wipe the cup with an alcohol pad or windex and dry completely with a lint free cloth before applying the wrap. Always measure the wrap and your cup to ensure a good fit before applying.


    Transfer Tape:

    ONE PIECE will be supplied with the TOTAL ORDER. The tape is good for multiple uses until it loses its stickiness.


    Cup Care:

    Hand wash only! Like all wraps these are NOT dishwasher safe. With proper care these wraps are water proof and sweat proof.

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